The Tankertown Collective

Minecraft and The Dragon

Session #3

The new leaders of TankerTown discussed their next steps with their new allies: The Gold Leaf Trading Company led by the half-elf Tezra and the Neverwinter Vanguard led by Knight-Captain Thomas. They were joined by Theodor Smith, the Dwarf who represented the latest in a long line of Smith family relations that the group had encountered in the mining town.

The vanguard pressured the adventurers to begin aggresively seeking out the orcs who had been raiding the area, while Tezra was adamant that the mining town trade route be re-opened as quickly as possible.

Looking to stabilize the area under their new leadership, the adventurers journeyed to the mining town, only to discover the horrible truth – every last person in the town had been torn to pieces. All signs pointed to the undead, and the discovery that the mine had been re-opened with dragonfire confirmed their suspicions when dozens of undead attacked.

Further investigations revealed that the local temple of Pelor should have been more cagey in answering questions about Luther. The evil clerics who led the undead and the fate of the local priests pointed to a town massacred by the White Hand.

As the adventurers fought their way through the mine, they eventually found the dragon who had re-opened the mine. After slaying the dragon and discovering that dragon bone was the principle export of the mine, the group looked to consolidate their hold over yet another decimated town – renamed Minecraft.


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