The Tankertown Collective

TankerTown and the New Deal

Session #2

The adventurers travelled to Ashenport to question one of colleagues, the local priest of Pelor. However, as they neared the town they were buffeted by torrential storms, and took shelter in the local Smooth Sailing Inn.

The inn was home to other guests, including a contigent of soldiers from Neverwinter who were tasked with securing the town in advance of a vanguard ordered to pacify increasing orc raids int eh area. Another group vied for preferred access to the port: The Gold Leaf Trading Company, who wished to establish a trade route between their base in Athlatka and the rich resources of the area.

Their rest was interrupted by a horrible, deafening moan in the middle of the night. The sound intensified until no other sound or sight mattered, and it called all who listened to the sea. Many could not withstand the power of the Call of the Sea and walked into the ocean, never to be seen again…. or so they thought.

Investigation by the adventurers revealed that the entire town had turned to madness through the worship of the Father Dagon, Abyssal Prince of the Deep. Resisting several more Calls of the Sea and defeating the priest, the alderman and the various beasts of Dagon, the adventurers found themselves in the possession of the Alderman’s legal documents.

The adventurers used these documents to broker a truce between the Neverwinter Vanguard and the Gold Leaf – the adventurers would be named the administrators of the town in exchange for securing the port, now renamed TankerTown. In exchange, the Neverwinter Vanguard and the Gold Leaf Trading Company agreed to put aside their differences – a secure and prosperous area served their interests well.


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