The Tankertown Collective

The Dark Orcs and The Search for Workers

Session #4

As Tezra and the Gold Leaf Trading Company began the work of re-opening the mine, Smith advised the adventurers to search for warm bodies who could begin the work of reparing the town and restarting production.

The Neverwinter Vanguard insisted that now was the time to begin investigating the orc raids, and the adventurers killed two birds with one stone by travelling to Red Bog, the local farming village most often raided by the orcs.

The adventurers came upon a town in ruin, overrun with orcs bristling with terrible armour – it appeared bound into their flesh and formed of a glossy obsidian plate. They were joined by demons and horrible creations so heavily armoured with layer after layer of polished obsidian that only decapitation revealed the creatures weren’t some horrible golem, but a living creature.

As the free villagers eagerly agreed to join the efforts to restore Minecraft, the adventurers considered their next moves. The port of TankerTown had been re-opened and the first ships from Neverwinter and Athkatla were begining to arrive. At the same time, the threat posed by these mysterious orcs was clearly greater than they’d anticipated. As more and more creatures and people turned to extreme lengths to protect themselves, the adventurers began to realize the mess they had gotten themselves into.


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